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New Life Model, HDDV 17:30min 2014

I love you x, HDDV 15:13min 2012

XenaRoma, HDDV 18min, 2014

Exhibited COFA Exhibition and Performance Space,  UNSW Galleries and Alaska Projects

This series of video works is an experiment into the emerging logic of practice-led research and the methodology of gesture. The gesture in these videos is not performed by the artist but by webcam sex actors. These actors have been chosen because their profession demands an acute understanding of the moving body, represented in a real time image. In other words, these actors seek knowledge through an observed and embodied gesture. Artists such as Jankowski, Serrano and Hornsleth have reignited the possibility for new knowledge to emerge from controversial artistic experimentation. Art has always acted upon the body (of the subject and object), but these methods seek to expose the mechanics of this act. These works are not only about discovering exemplars of bodies adapting to new systems that collapse space onto an interface, but also how this challenges art to radically rethink the role of the life-model. Webcam actors are at forefront of representations of the contemporary body and are producing representations that are creative, innovative and political.

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