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Protesters call end to occupation of St Paul's  2012, oil on paper, 60x40

The nation still in thrall  to mysterious alchemy of its royal love affair  2012, oil on paper, 60x40

Rule of the Mob 2012, oil on paper, 60x40

Mobs rule as police surrender streets 2012, oil on paper, 60x40

Nasa sets Tuesday deadline 2012, oil on paper, 60x40

Trump take power, 2017, oil on paper 60x40

The newspaper series is a contemporary take on history painting. Using the front pages of newspapers and painting over the images the news becomes painterly—illustrative rather than indexical, coverage becomes the process of covering the images with paint. The absurd relationship between stories and advertisements become compositional element defined by the specific date. For instance the assassination of Osama bin Laden occurring in the same week as the royal wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton. The newspaper itself has become a historical icon and through overpainting them these works attempt to highlight its growing museumification as a journalistic mode.

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