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Cocktail Hour

Cocktail Hour

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Gregory and Watts, Cocktail Hour, 2012-13

HDDV, various lengths

Exhibited at Chalkhorse and Latrobe Regional Gallery

Cocktail Hour is a collaborative project with Oliver Watts. The series of videos are site specific to Sydney, they intersect specific cocktails with the history of a particular place. For example Cosmopolitan/The Block is filmed in the Aboriginal community in Redfern during the moment it was being gentrified and the local community was forced out. We turn the solo act of making cocktails into a clumsy duo, before awkwardly drinking them in public. The knowledge of cocktails is part of an artworld of collectors, connoisseurs and critics. It is a world that the artist is expected to know, but required to perform aversion or defiance towards. It is one of the many complex class performances artists navigate.

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